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Previously Posted on May 17, 2010 at 4:24 PM  

Good afternoon! This past week was full of things being done! I love those kinds of weeks don’t you? This past week also had me celebrating some ‘wins.” Before I go any further, when I share these two “wins” with you, please keep in mind this is not about me – this is about my being willing to do the things God has called me to do. So in the end, it is all about Him.

I received two phone calls in the past 6 days that were pretty amazing, to me anyways. The first came from a past client and friend. He first came into my office 5 years ago and stated “I need help and direction!” We sat down and talked about his dreams and goals and where he wanted to go in life. We met several times over 4 weeks and then at the end of those 4 weeks he simply said “got it.” Now you have to understand, this was about 10 minutes into our coaching session when he said this and he just walked out the door. I was puzzled so I called his cell, he answered and said don’t worry something just clicked and I need to get to work! Well I talked to him one more time after that and he mentioned he was leaving on a mission’s trip and would call me when he came home. Keep in mind this was 5 years ago! He never called until last Wednesday and he was so excited and wanted to share in the excitement. So I said great let’s meet and catch up. Well we met and he looked a little older and little worn but very excited. He began to share with me that he spent 2 years in China, 2 more years in Japan and then a year “enjoying” his money. Well it turns out that when he said “got it” he really did. He clearly saw that in order for him to accomplish his invention that he would need to go over seas. He already felt the tug of being a missionary so he began his journey. He said he went with a pure heart to serve God, knowing God will show him when and where for his invention. Well this happened and now his estimated worth is over 6 millions dollars and he has been “enjoying” his money, but now he is selling everything he has here in the United States and preparing to move back to Asia and help fund ministries and missionaries there. Now don’t ask me about the invention – I don’t know technology, but it is something to do with portable gaming and toys….

The second phone call was a bit of a shock. It came from a man that I have known for almost 10 years now and he and his wife came in for marriage counseling one week after having my office open. They had been married for 6 weeks! At the time they both were in ministry and working from a home business as well. Now most men will agree that if their spouse says “we need counseling” the man will most likely say “no we don’t.” This was their case, he came but not willingly. I sat and listened to them and we met for almost 3 months and at that point I told them I have shared with them tips, solutions, books to read and other resources to help strengthen each other and their marriage. They agreed and were honestly ready to see what they could do. We have kept in contact through the years and over all they had been doing very well. A year ago they had an opportunity to move and serve a church in New England. So off they went on a new journey. Shortly after being there things were getting bad. Both had mentioned on the phone that neither was talking or hearing each other. As I probed I found out that in reality it was not a “we” it was a “he.” My friend was basically back where he was almost 6 years ago! So we have been chatting online, emailing and talking on the phone. I felt like I was trying to break through a brick wall with a toothpick! Finally, I asked him why did he really want my help and he said he wanted someone to give him permission to choose.

One thing I need to mention here – he was married to his ministry job as well as his wife. They both understood the call on their lives and the pressures and attacks that can happen, but deep down his position was slowly killing him and his marriage. His position required about 40 regular hours a week, but then there was “being on call” and setting up meetings at other churches and so much more. His wife had to leave her position as she was expecting twins and the home business would be enough income to cover those expenses and allow her to be a stay at home mommy.

So when I asked him permission for what, I was shocked. He was looking for someone to tell him that it was okay to step down from his current position and accept a lesser, but still valuable position. He had been wrestling with this for sometime and I asked him the obvious – have you taken this to God? There was silence and then some tears and finally he said, “No.” He was ashamed and felt so lost, he felt that if he could somehow continue his “happy look” at church that all would be well and no one would know that his marriage was suffering, he was suffering and his work was beginning to suffer as well. “Dennis, I just want permission to do this, I just want to step down and take this other spot, but what will people say?” I told him who cares what people say, this is about you, your wife and the things God has called you to do. You are not a fool, you know you are in trouble and God is showing you a way out. You don’t need my permission or anyone else’s, God has already told you, by putting this other position out there for you, one that usually is not offered and here it is for you! We ended our call and he called back later in the day to let me know he talked with his pastor and he was indeed stepping into the other position with less stress, hours and time.

Now those are two wins!! All the credit and glory goes to God! I am just following the things God has gifted me to do.

The questions for you: Do you have someone in your life that can help guide you in some of those tough decisions? Do you have someone willing to ask you those tough questions? We all need people to speak into our loves – out of love – not to be meddlesome or nosy. When it comes to those tough questions and decisions don’t forget to ask God, he will show you the answer, just remember that the answer could come from someone in your life right in front of you or off to the side of you. They may trigger something in your brain and you will say “got it.”

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