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The past few weeks I have been wrestling with a lot of past frustration with a person in my past who was very influential on my life AND he doesn’t even know it! 

You see this man was a friend, mentor and my pastor. I am not going into details here about this relationship – beginning nor the faded ending of it as God can do anything! 

I bring it up because it is something close to me that had impacted my life and I know his as well – yet he has chosen a different path in life now and I was (key word – was) angry about this. God not only saved him from death – He was given a huge platform to really impact others and talk about the bible and God – Yet he has not done this. I sat in my car driving thinking about all of this and was ANGRY and found myself yelling at God – “You gave him something so big and he is throwing it all away!!” Then in that moment – God revealed some pretty strong words for me – “what platforms have I given you?” 

Suddenly I found myself very silent and it seemed as if my car was enveloped in silence – even though the radio was on – everything seemed so quiet. I began to think about it, what platforms I have been given and asking myself the important question – am I using them? Harsh reality check for me – as the answer was “no!” 

So now I am back on track so to speak – beginning to use the platforms I have been given and doing what I know I should be doing – sharing, reaching, teaching, talking and so much more with those around me – from strangers to friends to family. I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off of me and I am heading straight towards some big targets – and I am EXCITED about this!! 

Getting back on this website and blogging is one of the platforms I have been given…

My questions to you – What platforms have you been given to have positive impact on those around you and the world at large? Are you using them and your gifts or are you just coasting along and existing? 

TIl next time my friends….. 

Be blessed in all that you do!

NOTE: ——PLEASE – some of you will read this and know who I am talking about – PLEASE DO NOT leave any comments about him – good or bad – let’s just leave things where they lie and his name out of this…..

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