The Christmas gift I received last year, 2 years ago, 5 years ago was?..


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We run around this time of year from store to store looking for Christmas gifts for our family and friends. Many people will get very stressed over this period of shopping and never really enjoy the season, all because of the pressure of finding “that right gift.” Now I will admit I am one that wants to find that one special gift for my wife, my son and my parents. But guess what? It doesn’t always happen that way and I do not stress out over it.

Why you ask? Because when I reach the point where I realize that I am probably not going to find that one special gift, I remember the fact that at least I have people in my life that I love and they love me right back. It is not about what I give them as much as why I give it to them. Sure its Christmas, but I give because I get to and out of my love for them.

More importantly though, it is not about the gift! Do you remember what your spouse gave you last Christmas? Maybe that is easy, so how about two or three years ago, what did you get then? What did your children give you five years ago? Now you are saying “this is silly, they gave me gifts of course.” Sure but the fact remains we do not remember what is given to us year after year (some of you might) and yet every Christmas we our scurrying around like squirrels trying to find our “nut” and not enjoying the season.

Now let me ask you this: where did you go on vacation last year? Where did you go five years ago? Did you take your son or daughter on a camping trip or fishing trip? I bet many of you are shaking your head and saying “well went to..”

But you don’t remember what you got for Christmas?!? Simple enough – remembering vacations, family trips, etc. is much easier. Why? Because it involves relationships and doing something together and not just buying something to give away, these trips and such create memories of love and family. 

Remember, Christmas does not mean spending time with presents, it means spending time with family and friends. Create some new memories that do not involve what you received or gave, but instead of what you did with who and where.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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